bagman vs roadman what difference

what is difference between bagman and roadman


Alternative forms

  • bag man


bag +‎ -man



bagman (plural bagmen)

  1. (informal) A person who collects, transports, or distributes illicit money, especially for the purpose of bribery, extortion, or the making of other improper payments.
    • 2006, James Graff, “In France, a Vintage Chirac Scandal is Uncorked,” Time, 15 Sep.,
      The accused are only the latest in a string of alleged bagmen, vote-riggers and ward-heelers charged with wrongdoing.
  2. An assistant to a police detective, most commonly in the British police force.
  3. (Australia, slang) A bookmaker.
  4. (dated, slang) A travelling salesman.
  5. (golf) A caddy.
  6. (US, politics, slang) An officer assigned to travel with the president and carry the “nuclear football”.
    • 1968, Newsweek (volume 72, issues 10-18, page 28)
      [] in a locked metal suitcase carried on the President’s travels by a warrant officer irreverently known as “the bagman.”
    • 2013, Richard Doyle, Executive Action
      The bagman clutching the nuclear football like an undertaker at a wedding. Cameras flashed and clicked, recording the scene. ‘Good morning, Mr President,’ they chorused.
  7. (politics, informal) A prominent fundraiser for a political party or similar cause
    • 2016, David Akin, “Tory ‘bagman’ boasts about party’s bank account, Toronto Sun, 28 May,
      Proud to call himself the “bagman” of the Conservative Party, former senator Irving Gerstein boasted about the financial health of his party Friday.


  • (travelling salesman): 1873, John Camden Hotten, The Slang Dictionary


  • man bag, man-bag, manbag



road +‎ -man


roadman (plural roadmen)

  1. A man who builds or repairs roads.
    • 1913, Worcestershire County Council, Minutes of the Proceedings (page 207)
      Ernest Tipping had known the road for over 35 years and seen the roadman repairing it.
  2. (Britain, slang) A member of a subculture characterised by an emphasis on monochrome clothing (notably puffer jackets and sportswear) as street fashion and listening to grime. Additional traits may include marijuana use and a low level of education.


  • anadrom, madrona, madroña, mandora, monarda

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