barilla vs glasswort what difference

what is difference between barilla and glasswort



Borrowed from Spanish barrilla.


  • Rhymes: -ɪlə


barilla (countable and uncountable, plural barillas)

  1. (botany) Any of several unrelated saltmarsh plants that were once burnt to obtain soda ash.
  2. The alkali produced from the plant, an impure carbonate of soda, used for making soap, glass, etc., and for bleaching.
  3. Impure soda obtained from the ashes of any seashore plant, or kelp.
    • 1860, Andrew Ure, Ure’s Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures, and Mines, page 252:
      Good barilla usually contains, according to Dr. Ure’s analysis, 20 per cent. of real alkali, associated with muriates and sulphates, chiefly of soda, some lime, and alumina, with very little sulphur.

Derived terms

  • barilla plant
  • copper barilla

Further reading

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  • air ball, airball



glass +‎ wort


glasswort (countable and uncountable, plural glassworts)

  1. Any plant of the salt-tolerant genus Salicornia, once burned to produce the ash used to make soda glass.
  2. Other salt-tolerant plants, especially those used to produce such ash.
    1. Species of the European genus Sarcocornia
    2. Species of the Australian genus Tecticornia
    3. Arthrocnemum subterminale (Parish’s glasswort)
    4. Eriogonum salicornioides (glasswort buckwheat)
    5. Kali turgida, formerly Salsola kali
  3. Other salt-tolerant plants, called samphire.
    1. rock samphire (Crithmum maritimum)
    2. golden samphire (Inula crithmoides, now Limbarda crithmoides)


  • (Salicornia): marsh samphire

Derived terms

  • American glasswort (Salicornia virginica)
  • bead glasswort (Tecticornia flabelliformis)
  • beaded glasswort (Sarcocornia quinqueflora)
  • blackseed glasswort (Tecticornia pergranulata)
  • common glasswort (Salicornia europaea)
  • dwarf glasswort (Salicornia bigelovii)
  • glasswort buckwheat (Eriogonum salicornioides)
  • jointed glasswort (Salicornia)
  • Pacific glasswort (Sarcocornia pacifica)
  • Parish’s glasswort (Arthrocnemum subterminale)
  • perennial glasswort (Sarcocornia perennis)
  • prickly glasswort (Kali turgida)
  • purple glasswort (Salicornia ramosissima)
  • shrubby glasswort (Tecticornia arbuscula)
  • slender glasswort (Salicornia maritima)
  • thick-head glasswort (Sarcocornia blackiana)
  • Virginia glasswort (Salicornia virginica)
  • woody glasswort (Salicornia virginica)


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