baseness vs despicability what difference

what is difference between baseness and despicability



base +‎ -ness


baseness (countable and uncountable, plural basenesses)

  1. The quality or condition of being base.
  2. The quality of being unworthy to hold virtues or value.


  • depravity


  • honor
  • morality




despicability (uncountable)

  1. Despicableness.
    • 1778, Giuseppe Marc’Antonio Baretti, A Grammar of the Italian Language, J. Nourse, pg. 38-39:
      Thoſe in accio and ozzo, indicate bigneſs as well as wickedneſs and deſpicability.
    • 1901 [1909], Wallace Rice, Animals: a Popular Natural History of Wild Beasts, Duffield and Co., pg. 112:
      Its short hind legs give a most ungainly gait, though it runs with surprising speed when pursued. Its unearthly howl adds to its despicability.
    • 2010, May 5, Darren Franich, “Every Now and Then I Fall Apart,” Entertainment Weekly:
      Because it wasn’t quite clear what the parameters of the list were — Hotness? Naughtiness? Sexuality? Purity? — everyone was left to ponder, in their own way, how to get more popular, by balancing the various strands of admiration, fascination, respect, and despicability that comprise modern celebrity.

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