beadsman vs bedesman what difference

what is difference between beadsman and bedesman


Alternative forms

  • bedesman


From earlier bedeman, from Middle English bedeman (a petitioner), equivalent to bead (request, petition, prayer) +‎ -man.


  • IPA(key): /ˈbiːdzmən/


beadsman (plural beadsmen)

  1. (historical) A petitioner; someone who seeks some type of favour from another, usually from a superior.
  2. A man employed in praying; especially one who prays for another.
  3. (historical, England) A poor man, supported in a beadhouse, and required to pray for the soul of its founder; an almsman.
    • Whereby ye shall bind me to be [] your poor beadsman for ever unto Almighty God.
  4. (Scotland, historical) A public almsman; one who received alms from the king, and was expected in return to pray for the royal welfare and that of the state; a licensed beggar.


  • bad names



bedesman (plural bedesmen)

  1. Obsolete form of beadsman.


  • beadsmen, beam-ends

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