bellarmine vs greybeard what difference

what is difference between bellarmine and greybeard



bellarmine (plural bellarmines)

  1. A stoneware jug of a pattern that originated around Cologne, Germany, in the 16th century, having a bearded face or mask supposed to represent Cardinal Bellarmine, a leader in the Counter-Reformation.
    • 1905, Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of London (page 290)
      A bellarmine found in Westminster, which, when found, was corked up, and in it were found some old pins and rusty nails; it had been probably used in the art of Black Magic.

Related terms

  • Bellarminian


  • Bartmann jug
  • graybeard, greybeard
  • longbeard

See also

  • witch bottle


Alternative forms

  • graybeard


grey +‎ beard; men of advanced age would be expected to have a grey beard.


greybeard (plural greybeards)

  1. (poetic) An old man.
    Synonyms: see Thesaurus:old man
  2. (figuratively) Any of the members of a group who have been there the longest, often implying experience.
    Synonyms: oldbie, old-timer, veteran
    Hyponym: greymuzzle
  3. (historical) A coarse earthenware vessel for holding liquor; a bellarmine.


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