blinking vs winking what difference

what is difference between blinking and winking



  • Rhymes: -ɪŋkɪŋ


blinking (not comparable)

  1. That blinks.
    a blinking light
  2. (Britain, euphemistic, slang) bloody
    The blinking telly isn’t working again.


  • (that blinks): winking
  • (euphemism: bloody): blasted, blimming, blooming



  1. present participle of blink


blinking (plural blinkings)

  1. The act of something that blinks.
    the steady blinkings of lights on the console




  1. present participle of wink


winking (plural winkings)

  1. The act of someone who winks.
    • 1828, The Harvard Register: no. I-XII, March, 1827-Feb. 1828 (page 153)
      I have known some happy spirits, who could sit for hours, when no other amusement presented, and talk of the winkings and squintings, they had lately been so eagle-eyed, as to detect between some innocent couple []
    • 1969, Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse-Five, New York: Dial, 2005, Chapter 7, p. 201,[1]
      [] Billy didn’t get to see Dresden do one of the most cheerful things a city is capable of doing when the sun goes down, which is to wink its lights on one by one. ¶ There was a broad river to reflect those lights, which would have made their nighttime winkings very pretty indeed.

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