bluster vs rhodomontade what difference

what is difference between bluster and rhodomontade



From Middle English blusteren (to wander about aimlessly); however, apparently picking up the modern sense from Middle Low German blüstren (“to blow violently”; compare later Low German blustern, blistern). Related to blow, blast. Compare also Saterland Frisian bloasje (to blow), bruusje (to bluster).


  • (UK) IPA(key): /ˈblʌs.tə/
  • (General American) IPA(key): /ˈblʌs.tɚ/
  • (US)
  • (General Australian)
  • Rhymes: -ʌstə(r)


bluster (countable and uncountable, plural blusters)

  1. Pompous, officious talk.
  2. A gust of wind.
  3. Fitful noise and violence.


  • (pompous talk): bombast



bluster (third-person singular simple present blusters, present participle blustering, simple past and past participle blustered)

  1. To speak or protest loudly.
  2. To act or speak in an unduly threatening manner.
    • 1774, Edmund Burke, A Speech on American Taxation
      Your ministerial directors blustered like tragic tyrants.
    • 1532, Thomas More, Confutation of Tyndale’s Answer
      He bloweth and blustereth out [] his abominable blasphemy.
    • As if therewith he meant to bluster all princes into a perfect obedience to his commands.
  3. To blow in strong or sudden gusts.


Derived terms


  • Butlers, Struble, brustle, bustler, butlers, subtler, turbels



rhodomontade (countable and uncountable, plural rhodomontades)

  1. Dated spelling of rodomontade.
    • 1915, W.S. Maugham, “Of Human Bondage”, chapter 115:
      He addressed himself directly to his guest with a torrent of rhodomontade; and the young man, reduced to helpless silence and shy, nodded his head at intervals to show that he took an intelligent interest.


rhodomontade (third-person singular simple present rhodomontades, present participle rhodomontading, simple past and past participle rhodomontaded)

  1. Dated spelling of rodomontade.

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