breakout vs prisonbreak what difference

what is difference between breakout and prisonbreak



From the verb phrase break out.



breakout (plural breakouts)

  1. An escape from prison.
  2. An escape from any restrictive or confining situation.
  3. (aviation) The point at which visibility returns after passing through cloud.
  4. An outbreak.
    • 1988, Thomas Goodman, Stephanie Young, Smart Face (page 115)
      But for those of you who never had teenage acne or who had some teenage acne problems and outgrew them, it is a real shock to start having breakouts in the mid twenties to late thirties.
  5. A breakdown of statistics; a detailed view of component parts.
  6. A room in a hotel etc. that can be taken by a smaller group at a large conference.


See also

  • break out
  • outbreak


breakout (not comparable)

  1. Of a book, film, or other work: leading its author to mainstream success.


  • kabouter, outbrake, outbreak

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