budgereegah vs lovebird what difference

what is difference between budgereegah and lovebird



budgereegah (plural budgereegahs)

  1. Archaic form of budgerigar.


Alternative forms

  • love bird, love-bird


From love +‎ bird.


lovebird (plural lovebirds)

  1. Any small parrot from one of the nine species within the genus Agapornis. Sometimes they are kept as cage birds and are noted for their affection towards each other.
  2. (figuratively, usually in the plural) One of the members of an openly affectionate couple.


  • black-cheeked lovebird, Agapornis nigrigenis
  • black-collared lovebird (Swindern’s lovebird), Agapornis swindernianus
  • black-winged lovebird (Abyssinian lovebird), Agapornis taranta
  • Fischer’s lovebird, Agapornis fischeri
  • grey-headed lovebird (Madagascar lovebird), Agapornis canus
  • Lilian’s lovebird (Nyasa lovebird), Agapornis lilianae
  • red-headed lovebird (red-faced lovebird), Agapornis pullarius
  • rosy-faced lovebird (peach-faced lovebird), Agapornis roseicollis
  • yellow-collared lovebird (masked lovebird), Agapornis personatus,


  • Japanese: ラブバード (rabubādo)



lovebird (third-person singular simple present lovebirds, present participle lovebirding, simple past and past participle lovebirded)

  1. (intransitive) To express romantic affection openly.
    Synonym: bill and coo

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