bulrush vs reedmace what difference

what is difference between bulrush and reedmace


Alternative forms

  • bullrush


From Middle English bulrish, perhaps from bule (bull) (in the sense of “large”) plus rish (rush).


bulrush (plural bulrushes)

  1. Any of several wetland plants, mostly in the family Cyperaceae (the sedges):
    1. (Americas) Sedges in the genera Bolboschoenus or Schoenoplectus (formerly considered Scirpus), having clusters of spikelets.
    2. (Britain) Cattails or reedmace, in the genus Typha
    3. (biblical) A plant referred to in the story of Moses as growing along the banks of the Nile, which is believed to be the papyrus (Cyperus papyrus).

Related terms

  • rush


See also

  • cattail
  • papyrus
  • reed
  • sedge

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Alternative forms

  • reed-mace


reed +‎ mace


reedmace (plural reedmaces)

  1. A water plant, the cattail.

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