chabasite vs chabazite what difference

what is difference between chabasite and chabazite



chabasite (countable and uncountable, plural chabasites)

  1. Alternative form of chabazite



  • IPA(key): /ˈkæbəzaɪt/


From French chabasie, coined by Louis-Augustin Bosc d’Antic from Ancient Greek χαβάζιος (khabázios), apparently an error for χαλάζιος (khalázios, a kind of precious stone) (which is probably from χάλαζα (khálaza, hail), due to looking like a hailstone), one of twenty species of stones mentioned in the poem ascribed to Orpheus.


chabazite (plural chabazites)

  1. (mineralogy) Any of several zeolite minerals that occur in basaltic rocks.

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