clunky vs gawky what difference

what is difference between clunky and gawky



  • Rhymes: -ʌŋki


clunky (comparative clunkier, superlative clunkiest)

  1. (informal) Ungainly; awkward; inelegant; cumbersome.
  2. Being or making a clunk sound.
    • 2012, Mike Brent, Fiona Dent, The Leader’s Guide to Influence
      You might find yourself listening to the sound your car door makes when it shuts. Is it a cheap tinny sound or a strong clunky sound like the VW?

Derived terms

  • clunkiness




gawk +‎ -y.


  • IPA(key): /ˈɡɔːki/
    Rhymes: -ɔːki


gawky (comparative gawkier, superlative gawkiest)

  1. Awkward, ungainly; lacking grace or dexterity in movement.
    • 2009, Appalachian Children’s Literature: An Annotated Bibliography, McFarland (→ISBN), page 77:
      The “gawky” illustrations look as though they may have been done by Belva Jean herself (Bulletin, Mar. 1989).
    • 2020, Ann H. Gabhart, An Appalachian Summer, Revell (→ISBN)
      The woman had barely come up to Seth’s shoulder. Petite with curly blonde hair and a dimpled smile. Nothing at all like Francine with her plain brown hair and hazel eyes. Just looking at the woman’s picture had made her feel tall and gawky.
  2. (Yorkshire, West Riding) left-handed


  • gauche, ungraceful



gawky (plural gawkies)

  1. An awkward, ungainly person.
    • 1870, Punch, volume 58, page 198:
      Let not the inconveniently tall, the gawkies, the Maypoles, despair.

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