copyedit vs copyread what difference

what is difference between copyedit and copyread



copyedit (third-person singular simple present copyedits, present participle copyediting, simple past and past participle copyedited)

  1. Alternative spelling of copy edit

Related terms

  • copyediting
  • copyeditor


copyedit (plural copyedits)

  1. The process or act of copyediting a document.
  2. The result of copyediting a document.
  3. A single change to the text of a document that is an instance of copyediting.



copy +‎ read


copyread (third-person singular simple present copyreads, present participle copyreading, simple past and past participle copyread)

  1. To read text (of a newspaper etc.) and edit it to correct mistakes.

Related terms

  • copyreader

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