criminalism vs criminalness what difference

what is difference between criminalism and criminalness



criminal +‎ -ism


criminalism (uncountable)

  1. Criminal behaviour or tendencies.



criminal +‎ -ness


criminalness (uncountable)

  1. (rare, dated) The state or quality of being criminal.
    • 1655, John Owen, Vindiciae Evangelicae, published in The Works of John Owen, (William H. Goold, editor), page 515:
      The criminalness, rebellion, transgression, the disobedience that is in sin, […]
    • 1754, John Sharp, The Works of the Most Reverend Dr. John Sharp, volume III, fifth edition:
      There is a great deal of difference as to the criminalness of false persuasions upon this account: the same error which one person may hold very pardonably, (as being, without much fault of his own, either through weakness of parts, or prejudice from education, or want or opportunity of knowing better, unavoidably, in a manner, led into it; I say, that very same error,) may be extremely dangerous in other persons, that have better parts, […]
    • 1896, W. S. Harwood, “Constitutional Suffrage for Women,” North American Review, vol. 162, no. 474, p. 632 (retrieved 5 Dec 2010):
      The Constitution of the United States permits the suffrage of women. . . . Under it legally constituted women—as to age, freedom from criminalness, etc.—may vote for all officers from president to township supervisor.


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