doppelzentner vs hundredweight what difference

what is difference between doppelzentner and hundredweight


Alternative forms

  • cwt. (abbreviation)


16th century, from hundred +‎ weight.


hundredweight (plural hundredweight or hundredweights)

  1. (Canada, US) A measure of weight containing 100 avoirdupois pounds (45.5 kg).
    Synonyms: (historical) cental, (rare) centner, short hundredweight, (historical) quintal
  2. (Britain) A measure of weight containing 8 stone or 112 avoirdupois pounds (51 kg).
    Synonyms: long hundredweight, imperial hundredweight

Usage notes

  • The short hundredweight is commonly used in the US in the sale of livestock and some cereal grains and oilseeds, paper, and concrete additives and on some commodities in futures exchanges. Since increasing metrication in most English-speaking countries the long hundredweight is now less used.
  • The older designation and measure of weight quintal (hundredweight) is not standardized; see the usage notes there for more information.


  • Bengali: *হন্দর্দ (*hôndôrd)

See also

  • bushel
  • quintal


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