encircling vs skirting what difference

what is difference between encircling and skirting



encircling (not comparable)

  1. enclosing, skirting
    She felt safe in her mother’s encircling arms.



  1. present participle of encircle


encircling (plural encirclings)

  1. encirclement
    • 1995, Frank Trommler, Thematics Reconsidered: Essays in Honor of Horst S. Daemmrich
      If, however, a series of motifs conjoin in their encirclings of a theme – within and beyond the “subtext” – they enliven the interplay among themselves and with the theme to which they are attracted over the turbulent abyss of time and space.




  1. present participle of skirt


skirting (countable and uncountable, plural skirtings)

  1. Skirting boards collectively.
  2. skirts collectively; material for skirts
  3. The act of one who skirts around something, or avoids it.
    • 1982, Journal of the Society for Psychical Research
      [] superficial: many of their descriptions, together with their own candid and often amusing comments and reactions, are well worth noting and reflecting upon; their skirtings around the laws of defamation are a joy to read and a lesson to us all; []


  • striking

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