enthrone vs invest what difference

what is difference between enthrone and invest



From en- +‎ throne; compare earlier enthronize, inthronize.


  • Rhymes: -əʊn


enthrone (third-person singular simple present enthrones, present participle enthroning, simple past and past participle enthroned)

  1. (transitive) To put on the throne in a formal installation ceremony called enthronement, equivalent to (and often combined with) coronation and/or other ceremonies of investiture
  2. (transitive, figuratively) To help a candidate to the succession of a monarchy (as a kingmaker does), or by extension in any other major organisation.


  • dethrone

Related terms

  • enskin
  • enstool


Further reading

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  • (UK, US) IPA(key): /ɪnˈvɛst/
  • Rhymes: -ɛst

Etymology 1

Borrowed from Middle French investir or Medieval Latin investire, from Latin investio (to clothe, cover), from in- (in, on) + vestio (to clothe, dress), from vestis (clothing); see vest. The sense “to spend money etc.” probably via Italian investire, of the same root.


invest (third-person singular simple present invests, present participle investing, simple past and past participle invested)

  1. To spend money, time, or energy on something, especially for some benefit or purpose; used with in.
  2. (transitive, dated) To clothe or wrap (with garments).
  3. (intransitive, obsolete) To put on (clothing).
  4. To envelop, wrap, cover.
  5. To commit money or capital in the hope of financial gain.
  6. To ceremonially install someone in some office.
  7. To formally give (someone) some power or authority.
  8. To formally give (power or authority).
  9. To surround, accompany, or attend.
  10. To lay siege to.
  11. (intransitive) To make investments.
  12. (metallurgy) To prepare for lost wax casting by creating an investment mold (a mixture of a silica sand and plaster).
  13. (intransitive) To be involved in; to form strong attachments to.
  • (put on clothing): beclothe, don, dress; see also Thesaurus:clothe
  • (lay siege to): besiege
  • (clothe): divest
  • (give): divest
  • (commit funds): disinvest, divest
Derived terms
Related terms
  • divest
  • vest
  • vestibule
  • vestment
  • vesture

Etymology 2

From investigate, by shortening


invest (plural invests)

  1. (meteorology) An unnamed tropical weather pattern “to investigate” for development into a significant (named) system.



  • ventis

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