epicurean vs hedonic what difference

what is difference between epicurean and hedonic



From Epicurean (follower of Epicureanism).


  • (Received Pronunciation) IPA(key): /ˌɛp.ɪ.kjʊəˈɹiː.n̩/
  • (General American) IPA(key): /ˌɛp.ɪ.kjʊˈɹi.n̩/, /ˌɛp.ɪˈkjʊ.ɹi.n̩/
  • Rhymes: -iːən
  • Hyphenation: ep‧i‧cu‧re‧an


epicurean (comparative more epicurean, superlative most epicurean)

  1. Pursuing pleasure, especially in reference to food or comfort.
  2. Devoted to luxurious living.


  • gluttonous
  • hedonistic
  • libertine


epicurean (plural epicureans)

  1. One who is devoted to pleasure.

Usage notes

Modern accepted use of the terms epicurean and Epicureanism refers often to the appreciation of, and indulgence in good food (gourmet), luxury, hedonism, and sensual pleasure. This strays significantly from the original philosophic intent of Epicureanism. The philosophy indeed elevated pleasure and happiness as the most worthy pursuit, but specifically warned against fine food and frequent sex, for it could lead to dissatisfaction later. Instead, the goal was a long-term pleasure, marked by serenity and temperance, achieved through moderation rather than indulging. Modern senses of gourmet, luxury, hedonism, sensual pleasure and lust are mostly in contrast with the original ancient teachings.


  • glutton
  • hedonist
  • See also Thesaurus:sensualist



From Ancient Greek ἡδονικός (hēdonikós, pleasant).


  • enPR: hēdənĭk, IPA(key): /ˈhiːdənɪk/
  • Hyphenation: he‧don‧ic


hedonic (comparative more hedonic, superlative most hedonic)

  1. Of or relating to pleasure
  2. Pursuing pleasure in a devoted manner
  3. Of or relating to the hedonists or to hedonism

Derived terms

  • hedonically
  • isohedonic

Related terms

  • hedonism
  • hedonist
  • hedonics

See also

  • eudaemonic

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