equalization vs leveling what difference

what is difference between equalization and leveling


Alternative forms

  • equalisation UK only


equalize +‎ -ation



equalization (countable and uncountable, plural equalizations)

  1. The act of equalizing, or state of being equalized.
  2. (underwater diving) Maneuvers to balance the pressure in the middle ear with the outside pressure by letting air enter along the Eustachian tubes.
  3. (finance) Repayment to an investor in a unit trust or OEIC of an increase in the unit price to cover the seller’s entitlement to income received from the underlying investments but not yet distributed to unit holders, repaid as part of the first distribution of income to that investor.

Derived terms

  • equalization payment

Related terms

  • equalize
  • equalizer



Alternative forms

  • levelling



  1. (US) present participle of level


leveling (plural levelings)

  1. The process of making something level.
    • 1981, D. Lincoln Canfield, Spanish Pronunciation in the Americas
      In the meantime, the Castilian of northern and central Spain, while retaining most of the traits of the pre-Columbian period, underwent changes and levelings, some of which were shared by the South and hence by America.
  2. (surveying, archaeology) The process of measuring levels to establish heights and altitudes.

Derived terms

  • leveling staff

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