estuarial vs estuarine what difference

what is difference between estuarial and estuarine



estuary +‎ -al


estuarial (not comparable)

  1. Relating to an estuary


  • estuarine



estuarial (plural estuariales)

  1. estuarial



estuarine (comparative more estuarine, superlative most estuarine)

  1. Of or pertaining to an estuary.
    • 1977, Sewell H. Hopkins, Sam R. Petrocelli, Limiting Factors Affecting the Commercial Fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Estuarine Pollution Control and Assessment: Proceedings of a Conference, Volume 1, page 179,
      The shellfishes, by far the most valuable part of gulf coast commercial fisheries, are even more estuarine than the finfishes.
    • 1980, Joseph T. Kelley, Sediment Introduction and Deposition in a Coastal Lagoon, Cape May, New Jersey, Victor S Kennedy (editor), Estuarine Perspectives, Academic Press, page 379,
      The small lagoons of southern New Jersey receive an insignificant input of freshwater from watersheds of Cape May Peninsula compared to larger, more estuarine bays to the north (Kran 1975).
    • 2000, Stephen J. M. Blaber, Tropical Estuarine Fishes: Ecology, Exploitation and Conservation, Blackwell Science, page 80,
      Some species are more estuarine than others, for example Pseudotolithus typus replaces P. senegalensis as conditions become more estuarine and Pentanemus quinquarius replaces Galeoides decadactylus.
  2. (geology) Formed in an estuary by alluvial deposition.





  1. vocative masculine singular of estuārīnus

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