eurythmics vs eurythmy what difference

what is difference between eurythmics and eurythmy


Alternative forms

  • eurhythmics


eurythmics (uncountable)

  1. a rhythmic interpretation of music with graceful, free-style dance movements

See also

  • eurythmy


Alternative forms

  • eurhythmy
  • eurythmie


From Ancient Greek εὐρυθμία (euruthmía, rhythmical order), from εὖ (, well) + ῥυθμός (rhuthmós, symmetry).


eurythmy (countable and uncountable, plural eurythmies)

  1. The harmony of features and proportion in architecture.
  2. Graceful body movements to the rhythm of spoken words and music.
  3. (medicine) Healthy, normal beating of the pulse.

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