expiative vs expiatory what difference

what is difference between expiative and expiatory



expiative (comparative more expiative, superlative most expiative)

  1. That serves to expiate.
    • 2012, W. W. Meissner, Ethical Dimension of Psychoanalysis, The: A Dialogue
      Studies on behavioral aspects of altruism connect it with guilt, resulting in either expiative or reparative consequences (Krebs 1970).



expiatory (comparative more expiatory, superlative most expiatory)

  1. Of or pertaining to expiation.
    • 18 January 1549, Hugh Latimer, Sermon of the Plough
      They would have us saved by a daily oblation propitiatory; by a sacrifice expiatory, or remissory.


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