fastball vs heater what difference

what is difference between fastball and heater



fast + ball


fastball (plural fastballs)

  1. (baseball) Any of the variations of high speed pitches thrown in baseball
  2. (baseball) A four-seam fastball, which is a backspin pitch thrown with a ball gripped in the direction to cause four of the seams of the ball to cross the flight path and released with roughly equal pressure by the index and middle fingers
    The pitcher had a blazing fastball.


  • hummer (slang)
  • cheese (slang)
  • heat (slang)
  • gas (slang)
  • Linda Ronstadt (slang)
    • 1986 May 1, “Talkin’ Baseball . . . The Can of Corn Is Back on the Shelf,” Los Angeles Times:
      A couple of players told me that they refer to a situation in which the batter is badly overmatched by a fastball as a Linda Ronstadt… That refers to Ronstadt’s million-selling remake of Roy Orbison’s hit song, “Blue Bayou” (blew by you).

See also

  • curveball
  • slider
  • cut fastball
  • two-seam fastball
  • split-finger fastball
  • sinker
  • screwball
  • knuckleball
  • gyroball
  • spitball
  • change-up
  • Bugs Bunny change-up


  • fat balls



heat +‎ -er


  • (General American) IPA(key): /ˈhitɚ/
  • (Received Pronunciation) IPA(key): /ˈhiːtə/
  • Rhymes: -iːtə(ɹ)


heater (plural heaters)

  1. A device that produces and radiates heat, typically to raise the temperature of a room or building.
  2. A person who heats something, for example in metalworking.
  3. (dated, slang) A gun.
  4. (baseball, slang) A fastball, especially one thrown at high velocity.
  5. (gambling, slang) An extended winning streak.
  6. (historical) A medieval European shield having a rounded triangle shape like a clothes iron.
  7. (horse racing) A dead heat; a race in which two or more competitors reach the finish line simultaneously.

Derived terms

  • dry heater
  • fan heater
  • feedwater heater
  • oil heater
  • point heater
  • space heater
  • wet heater


  • Japanese: ヒーター (hītā)


See also

  • heating


  • Aether, aether, eather, hearte, hereat, reheat, æther

Middle English



  1. Alternative form of hater

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