fisticuffs vs slugfest what difference

what is difference between fisticuffs and slugfest



  • (UK, US) IPA(key): /ˈfɪs.tɪ.kʌfs/


fisticuffs pl (plural only)

  1. plural of fisticuff
  2. (plural only, informal) An impromptu fight with the fists, usually between only two people.
    • 1881, Robert Louis Stevenson, Virginibus Puerisque, and Other Papers, “Virginibus Puerisque,”
      People who share a cell in the Basti[l]le [] if they do not immediately fall to fisticuffs, will find some possible ground of compromise.
    • 1890, Edmondo de Amicis translated by Caroline Tilton, Holland and Its People, Chapter XII
      [] , his head all scarred with the sticks and fisticuffs which he had got in the taverns at Utrecht, []
  3. (plural only, sports, dated) Bare-knuckled boxing, a form of boxing done without boxing gloves or similar padding.
    • 1870, Charles Dicken, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Chapter XVII
      In his college days of athletic exercises, Mr. Crisparkle had known professors of the Noble Art of fisticuffs, []


  • (informal: fight): brawl, fight, fist-fight, punch-up
  • (bare-knuckled boxing): prizefighting

Related terms

  • fist
  • fisticuff
  • fisticuffer


See also

  • boxing
  • fighting



slug +‎ -fest



slugfest (plural slugfests)

  1. (baseball, slang) A baseball game in which many runs are scored, especially by home runs.
    The game turned into a 15-9 slugfest.
  2. (sports) A game or match in which heavy blows are exchanged.
    The championship bout was a slugfest; both boxers were bloodied.
  3. (sports) A tough, heated contest.
    Lakers win slugfest over Clippers

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