Flakey vs Flaky what difference

what is difference between Flakey and Flaky



flakey (comparative flakier, superlative flakiest)

  1. Alternative spelling of flaky


  • fakely


Alternative forms

  • flakey


flake +‎ -y (having the quality of)


  • IPA(key): /ˈfleɪkiː/
  • Rhymes: -eɪki


flaky (comparative flakier, superlative flakiest)

  1. Consisting of flakes or of small, loose masses; lying, or cleaving off, in flakes or layers; flakelike.
  2. (informal, of a person) Unreliable; likely to make plans with others but then abandon those plans.
    • 2014, Joseph Itiel, A Consumer’s Guide to Male Hustlers
      I have noticed that when hustlers upgrade themselves to models (as distinguished from models who have never hustled) they tend to continue being flaky about appointments. On my last trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico, I was stood up twice.
  3. (informal, of a thing) Unreliable; working only on an intermittent basis; likely to malfunction.
    I cannot enjoy the online game because of my flaky Internet connection.

Derived terms

  • flakily


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