flighty vs flyaway what difference

what is difference between flighty and flyaway



From flight +‎ -y. Compare Dutch vluchtig (volatile; fleeting; cursory), German flüchtig (volatile; fleeting; momentary; quick), Danish flygtig (elusive; evasive), Swedish flyktig.


  • IPA(key): /ˈflaɪti/


flighty (comparative flightier, superlative flightiest)

  1. Given to unplanned and silly ideas or actions.
  2. (of a bird) That flies easily or often.
    • 2013, Diego Gil, Henrik Brumm, Avian Urban Ecology
      “We know that flighty birds suffer from greater risk of raptor predation, and I assume that it is useful to understand the effects of urbanization because flighty species may be more vulnerable to anthropogenic disturbance.”
  3. (obsolete) Swift.



Alternative forms

  • fly-away


fly +‎ away


flyaway (not comparable)

  1. Disposed to fly away; unrestrained; light and free.
  2. Flighty; frivolous
    See quotations at fly-away
  3. (of hair) Soft, light, unruly, and difficult to set into a style.

Derived terms

  • flyaway cost
  • flyaway grass


flyaway (plural flyaways)

  1. A stray hair that is difficult to style.
  2. Anything that is difficult to capture or restrain.
    • 1838, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Literary Ethics – an Oration delivered before the Literary Societies of Dartmouth College, July 24, 1838
      Truth is such a flyaway, such a slyboots, so untransportable and unbarrelable a commodity, that it is as bad to catch as light.
  3. (gymnastics) A kind of dismount from bars that incorporates one or more flips or twists.

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