fluegelhorn vs flugelhorn what difference

what is difference between fluegelhorn and flugelhorn



fluegelhorn (plural fluegelhorns)

  1. Alternative spelling of flugelhorn


Alternative forms

  • fluegelhorn
  • flügelhorn


Borrowed from German Flügelhorn, from Flügel (wing, flank) + horn


flugelhorn (plural flugelhorns)

  1. A brass instrument resembling a cornet but with a wider, conical bore, and usually with three valves, in the same B-flat pitch as many trumpets and cornets but with a more deeply conical mouthpiece than those. A bugle with valves.
    • 1900, Daniel E. McCarthy, Manual of Instructions for Quartermasters Serving in the Field [1]:
      A flugelhorn may be furnished in lieu of the Eb trumpet, a euphonium in lieu of one alto, one Eb alto saxophone, and one Eb baritone saxophone in lieu of two coronets…

Derived terms

  • flugelhornist


See also

  • bugle
  • cornet
  • horn
  • saxhorn

Further reading

  • flugelhorn on Wikipedia.Wikipedia



flugelhorn m (plural flugelhorns)

  1. (music) flugelhorn (a brass instrument)
    Synonym: fliscorne

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