foghorn vs fogsignal what difference

what is difference between foghorn and fogsignal



fog +‎ horn

Alternative forms

  • fog horn



foghorn (plural foghorns)

  1. A very loud low-pitched horn, used especially in lighthouses and on large boats.

Derived terms

  • voice like a foghorn



foghorn (third-person singular simple present foghorns, present participle foghorning, simple past and past participle foghorned)

  1. To sound a foghorn
    • 2013, Tim Moore, Frost on my Moustache: The Arctic Exploits of a Lord and a a Loafer
      With the gold evening sun burnishing our strings of signal bunting we foghorned our way up the confidently prosperous quayside of Haugesund
  2. To shout or bellow in a loud, deep voice
    • 1924, Frank Watts, Abnormal Psychology and Education
      the voice of the teacher foghorned away undisturbed

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