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what is difference between footer and footnote



  • IPA(key): /ˈfʊtə/
  • Hyphenation: foot‧er
  • Rhymes: -ʊtə(r)

Etymology 1

From Middle English footer, equivalent to foot +‎ -er.


footer (plural footers)

  1. (archaic) A footgoer; pedestrian
  2. (computing) A line of information printed at the bottom of a page as identification of the document (compare foot, 13).
  3. (in combination) something that is a stated number of feet in some dimension – such as a six-footer.
  4. (in combination) someone who has a preference for a certain foot – such as right-footer/left-footer
  • (computing sense): header

Etymology 2

From football +‎ -er (Oxford -er)


footer (plural footers)

  1. (chiefly Britain, slang) Football / soccer.

Etymology 3

18th century. From fouter, foutre (valueless thing), possibly from French foutre (to lecher), from Latin futuere, present active infinitive of futuō (I fuck). Ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *bʰew- (to hit).


footer (third-person singular simple present footers, present participle footering, simple past and past participle footered)

  1. (Ireland and Scotland, slang) To meddle with or pass time without accomplishing anything meaningful.
    Synonyms: fidget, fuss, trifle; see also Thesaurus:loiter
Derived terms
  • footle



  • foetor, fœtor, refoot, tofore

For information on how footnotes should be handled on Wiktionary, see Help:Footnotes.


Alternative forms

  • f.n. (abbreviation)


From foot +‎ note.


  • (UK) IPA(key): /ˈfʊtˌnəʊt/
  • (US) IPA(key): /ˈfʊtˌnoʊt/


footnote (plural footnotes)

  1. A short piece of text, often numbered, placed at the bottom of a printed page, that adds a comment, citation, reference etc, to a designated part of the main text.
    Coordinate terms: headnote, endnote, hatnote, marginal note
  2. (by extension) An event of lesser importance than some larger event to which it is related.
    • 2014, Michael White, “Roll up, roll up! The Amazing Salmond will show a Scotland you won’t believe”, The Guardian, 8 September 2014:
      In that context Scotland’s fate is a modest element, a symptom of wider fragmentation of the current global order, a footnote to the fall of empire and the Berlin Wall, important to us and punchdrunk neighbours like France and Italy, a mere curiosity to emerging titans like Brazil.
  3. A qualification to the import of something.



footnote (third-person singular simple present footnotes, present participle footnoting, simple past and past participle footnoted)

  1. To add footnotes to a text.
    Synonym: annotate

See also

  • marginalia
  • reference mark

Further reading

  • footnote on Wikipedia.Wikipedia

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