formulary vs pharmacopeia what difference

what is difference between formulary and pharmacopeia



From French formulaire


formulary (plural formularies)

  1. A list of formulas; a collection of set forms to be followed, especially in religious belief.
    • 1789, John Moore, Zeluco, Valancourt 2008, p. 136:
      “Pray,” replied the Colonel, “do you believe in all the doctrines to be found in the public creeds and formularies of our own church.”
  2. A pharmacopoeia or list of available drugs, particularly prescription drugs
  3. (healthcare) A list of drugs, created by health insurers, hospitals, or prescription drug plans, that defines how costs for any drug are shared between patient and health care provider, typically broken down by tiers such as preferred generics with lowest copay, or preferred brand with higher copay, or non-preferred brand and not covered tiers with the highest cost to the patient.
  4. An ancient or medieval collection of models for official writings.
  5. A collection of formulas in sciences and mathematics.


formulary (comparative more formulary, superlative most formulary)

  1. Stated; prescribed; ritual.

Derived terms

  • nonformulary

See also

  • formulary on Wikipedia.Wikipedia



pharmacopeia (plural pharmacopeias)

  1. Alternative form of pharmacopoeia

Derived terms

  • pharmacopeial
  • pharmacopeic
  • pharmacopeist

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