gimmick vs whatchamacallum what difference

what is difference between gimmick and whatchamacallum



Unknown. Possibly a rough anagram of magic or from gimme.


  • (UK) IPA(key): /ˈɡɪm.ɪk/
  • Rhymes: -ɪmɪk


gimmick (plural gimmicks)

  1. A trick or device used to attain some end.
    The box had a gimmick to make the coin appear to vanish.
    • April 19 2002, Scott Tobias, AV Club Fightville[1]
      Epperlein and Tucker focus on two featherweight hopefuls: Dustin Poirier, a formidable contender who’s looking to parlay a history of schoolyard violence and street-fighting into a potential career, and Albert Stainback, a more thoughtful yet more erratic and undisciplined fighter whose chief gimmick is entering the ring wearing a hat like the one Malcolm McDowell wore in A Clockwork Orange.
  2. A clever ploy or strategy.
    The contest was a gimmick to get people to sign up for their mailing list.
  3. (electronics) A gimmick capacitor.
  4. (Philippines) A night out with one’s friends.

Derived terms

  • gimmicky
  • gimmickry



gimmick (third-person singular simple present gimmicks, present participle gimmicking, simple past and past participle gimmicked)

  1. To rig or set up with a trick or device.
    The magician’s box was gimmicked with a wire that made it appear to open on its own.




From English gimmick.


  • IPA(key): /ɡi.mik/


gimmick m (plural gimmicks)

  1. gimmick

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