goldsmith vs goldworker what difference

what is difference between goldsmith and goldworker



From Middle English goldsmith, from Old English goldsmiþ (goldsmith), from Proto-Germanic *gulþasmiþaz (goldsmith), equivalent to gold +‎ smith. Cognate with Scots goldsmyth, gouldsmeth (goldsmith), Saterland Frisian Gouldsmid (goldsmith), West Frisian goudsmid (goldsmith), Dutch goudsmid (goldsmith), German Goldschmied (goldsmith), Danish guldsmed (goldsmith), Swedish guldsmed (goldsmith), Icelandic gullsmiður (goldsmith). Eclipsed non-native Middle English orbatour, orbatur (goldsmith) and orfever, orfevre (goldsmith), both borrowed from Old French.


goldsmith (plural goldsmiths)

  1. A person who makes, repairs or sells things out of gold, especially jewelry.
  2. (obsolete) A banker (because the goldsmiths of London used to receive money on deposit, being equipped to keep it safely).


  • smith, metalsmith

Related terms

  • goldsmithing


See also

  • jeweller

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