graining vs woodgraining what difference

what is difference between graining and woodgraining


Etymology 1



  1. present participle of grain


graining (countable and uncountable, plural grainings)

  1. The practice of imitating woodgrain on a surface.
  2. Indentation; roughening; milling, as on edges of coins.
    • 1691, John Locke, Some considerations of the consequences of lowering the interest and raising the value of money
      mark the edges of the rest with a graining
  3. A process in dressing leather, by which the skin is softened and the grain raised.
  4. (soap manufacture) The process of separating soap from spent lye, as with salt.

Etymology 2


graining (plural grainings)

  1. A small European freshwater fish (Leuciscus leuciscus); the dobule or dace.


  • inraging

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