gravelly vs pebbly what difference

what is difference between gravelly and pebbly


Alternative forms

  • gravely


From Middle English gravelli; equivalent to gravel +‎ -y.


  • (General American) IPA(key): /ˈɡɹævəli/


gravelly (comparative more gravelly, superlative most gravelly)

  1. Full of, or covered with gravel or pebbles.
    • 1652, Thomas Hill, The Gardeners Labyrinth, or, A New Art of Gardning, 19:
      The dung which men make … is not to be used, unless the ground be a barren, gravelly, or very loose land, lacking strength in it
  2. (of a voice) Unpleasantly harsh or rasping.


  • gravelous

Derived terms

  • Gravelly Hill





pebble +‎ -y


pebbly (comparative pebblier, superlative pebbliest)

  1. Of or containing pebbles.
    • 1883, Howard Pyle, The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood Chapter V
      “Ha,” said Robin, “comest thou from Locksley Town? Well do I know that fair place for miles about, and well do I know each hedgerow and gentle pebbly stream, and even all the bright little fishes therein, for there I was born and bred. Now, where goest thou with thy meat, my fair friend?”
    • 1918, Edgar Rice Burroughs, The Land That Time Forgot Chapter IV
      The balance of that day we spent in continuing a minute and fruitless exploration of the monotonous coast. There was not another break in the frowning cliffs–not even another minute patch of pebbly beach.
  2. With a surface like that of pebbles.
    • 1946, Mervyn Peake, Titus Groan
      Mr Rottcodd turned his pebbly eyes away.

Related terms

  • pebble


  • plebby

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