graylag vs greylag what difference

what is difference between graylag and greylag



graylag (plural graylags)

  1. Alternative spelling of greylag
    • 1872, John Cordeaux, Ornithological Notes from North Lincolnshire, Edward Newman (editor), Zoologist: A Popular Miscellany of Natural History, 2nd Series, Volume 7, page 3016,
      Wild Geese. — February 29th. Saw a skein of ten wild geese flying a few feet above the Humber this morning : from their size and colour I believe them to have been graylags.
    • 1973, Ivan Newton MacCollom, Nancy Lloyd Badore, Exploring Psychology: Introductory Readings, page 405,
      Eventually a few graylags landed; the Professor dug into his bucket, scattered some barley grain about, and started to scribble notes.
    • 2012, Mikael Aktor, Negotiating Karma: Penance in the Classical Indian Law Books, Ute Hüsken, Frank Neubert (editors), Negotiating Rites, page 24,
      With reference to Konrad Lorenz’s famous graylags, which assure each other of their solidarity by the display of common aggression against a nonexistent interloper, Burkert defines ritual as “action redirected for demonstration.”


  • (greylag): greylag goose



Alternative forms

  • graylag


From grey (colour) + lag (old name for a goose, derived from the call used to move such animals along).


  • IPA(key): /ˈɡɹeɪlæɡ/


greylag (plural greylags)

  1. A large grey European goose, Anser anser, with pink legs and dull orange beak.
    • 2010, M. Owen, Greylag Goose, Peter Lack (editor), The Atlas of Wintering Birds in Britain and Ireland, page 74,
      Greylags used to concentrate on British estuaries, eating roots of rushes and sedges, as they do in other parts of their range.
    • 2012, Adam Watson, Ian Francis, Birds in North-East Scotland Then and Now, page 11,
      Earlier, 250 more had flown to Rattray beach, nearly all pinkfeet although I saw four greylags and heard others.


  • (Anser anser): greylag goose


See also

  • Anser
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  • Gaygler, gargyle

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