gregariously vs sociably what difference

what is difference between gregariously and sociably



gregarious +‎ -ly


gregariously (comparative more gregariously, superlative most gregariously)

  1. In a gregarious manner



sociable +‎ -ly


sociably (comparative more sociably, superlative most sociably)

  1. In a sociable manner; with free intercourse; conversibly; familiarly; as a companion.
  2. According to society or societal norms.
    • 1978, Stella Chess, Mahin Hassibi, Principles and practice of child psychiatry
      In later years, marks, commendation cards, and paychecks become important incentives for accomplishments, while the range of socially acceptable behavior widens and the number of secondary drives multiplies.
  3. For social purposes, in a social situation
    • 2006, Charles R Zickler Jr, Native Alien: An Odyssey of Love And Cryogenic Time Travel Into the World of N.o.w.
      If it were not for his work, everywhere he went socially, everywhere he mixed with others, would cause his past life to rear its ugly head.


  • Webster, Noah (1828), “sociably”, in An American Dictionary of the English Language

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