groundberry vs wintergreen what difference

what is difference between groundberry and wintergreen



From winter +‎ green.


wintergreen (plural wintergreens)

  1. (obsolete) Any evergreen plant.
  2. One of various unrelated evergreen plants, including:
    1. Plants in shrub genus Gaultheria, commonly known as wintergreen, especially:
      1. Gaultheria procumbens, native to North America, having solitary white flowers and aromatic leaves (checkerberry or teaberry)
      2. Gaultheria humifusa – alpine wintergreen
      3. Gaultheria ovatifolia – western teaberry or Oregon spicy wintergreen
      4. Chimaphila maculata – striped wintergreen, pipsissewa
    2. Plants in any of several other genera in the herbaceous family Ericaceae, including:
      1. Genus Pyrola, native to northern temperate and Arctic regions.
      2. Genus Orthilia
      3. Genus Moneses
      4. Genus Chimaphila (prince’s pine, pipsissewa)
    3. Some species of the herbaceous genus Trientalis, in family Primulaceae (chickweed wintergreen)
  3. The spicy red berries of Gaultheria procumbens.
  4. The oil, methyl salicylate, obtained from these berries.
  5. The aroma of the oil, methyl salicylate, however derived.


  • (perennial of the genus Pyrola): shinleaf
  • (Gaultheria procumbens): boxberry, checkerberry, partridgeberry, spiceberry, teaberry

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