headroom vs headway what difference

what is difference between headroom and headway



head +‎ room


headroom (countable and uncountable, plural headrooms)

  1. The vertical clearance above someone’s head, as in a tunnel, doorway etc.
  2. The vertical measurement, top to bottom, for example for clearance under a bridge.
  3. (electronics) The ability of a system to reproduce loud sounds free of distortion; dynamic headroom.
  4. The distance between the actual performance of an algorithm and its maximum possible performance.



  • Moorhead



Partly from Middle English hauedwei, from Old English hēafodweġ (head-road, main-road), equivalent to head +‎ way; partly as a shortening of ahead-way, the source of the nautical sense.


headway (countable and uncountable, plural headways)

  1. Movement ahead or forward.
  2. (nautical) Forward motion, or its rate.
  3. (countable, transport) The interval of time or distance between the fronts of two vehicles (e.g. buses) moving in succession in the same direction, especially along the same pre-determined route.
  4. (uncountable, figuratively) Progress toward a goal.
  5. (countable) The clearance beneath an object, such as an arch, ceiling or bridge; headroom.
  6. (coal-mining) A cross-heading.

Derived terms

  • make headway


See also

  • seaway


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