hesitance vs hesitancy what difference

what is difference between hesitance and hesitancy


Alternative forms

  • hæsitancy (archaic)
  • hesitancy


hesitance (countable and uncountable, plural hesitances)

  1. The act or state of hesitating.
    His hesitance was caused by bad past experiences.
    • 1925, Robinson Jeffers, “Roan Stallion” in The Selected Poetry of Robinson Jeffers, New York: Random House, 1937, p. 156 [1]
      [] Then California, resting the rifle / On the top rail, without doubting, without hesitance, / Aimed for the leaping body of the dog, and when it stood, fired.
    • 2016, Times of India, 6 May, 2016, [2]
      No matter how much one denies it, there is always some hesitance when shooting an intimate scene. But an actor needs to shed inhibitions to look convincing.


  • echinates


Alternative forms

  • hæsitancy (archaic)
  • hesitance


hesitant +‎ -cy


hesitancy (countable and uncountable, plural hesitancies)

  1. A pausing or halting before beginning a task, often as a result of some fear or uncertainty about the outcome.
    vaccine hesitancy.

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