highboy vs tallboy what difference

what is difference between highboy and tallboy



See high and tallboy.


highboy (plural highboys)

  1. A tall chest of drawers raised up on high legs.
    • (US) National Gallery of Art
      During the Queen Anne period in America, the highboy attained its characteristic form. […] The cabriole leg was a distinctive feature developed in the Queen Anne period; its shape repeats the S-curve that dominated all Queen Anne design.
  2. (dated) One who enjoys the high life.
  3. (dated) A political highflier.


  • (tall chest of drawers): tallboy

Related terms

  • lowboy



Alternative forms

  • tall boy
  • tall-boy


tallboy (plural tallboys)

  1. A tall chest of drawers, or combination of chest on chest, or chest with a small wardrobe on top. Usually with low bracket feet but always resulting in a tall piece of furniture.
  2. (US) A tall can of beer, either 16 ounces or one half litre.
  3. (nautical) A kind of sail, a spanker.
  4. A kind of long-stemmed wineglass or cup.
  5. A long sheet-metal pipe for a chimney top.

See also

  • lowboy (without the wardrobe)
  • beercan

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