I love you – different ways to say I love you

different ways to say I love you

  1. I love you to the moon and back again
  2. We fit together like puzzle pieces 
  3. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me
  4. You complete me
  5. I can’t believe you’re mine
  6. You are a beautiful person inside and out 
  7. I am here for you…always 
  8. I’m yours
  9. I’m the luckiest person in the world
  10. We are meant to be
  11. I’d do anything to make you smile
  12. You are my soulmate
  13. My heart calls out for you
  14. I like the way you make me feel, even when you are not around
  15. Set up a spa day at home
  16. Send flowers or a treat to their work
  17. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  18. Go stargazing
  19. Go for a ride in a horse-drawn carriage
  20. Cuddle up by the fireplace
  21. Write them a love letter
  22. Give them a personalized gift
  23. Read them a romantic poem 
  24. Make a candlelit dinner
  25. Listen to their favorite song
  26. What did the volcano say to the mountain? I lava you!
  27. You are the crayons to my coloring book 
  28. I’ve fallen for you and I can’t get up
  29. I’m crazy for you, or maybe just crazy! 
  30. I’d like you to guest star on my Love Boat 
  31. You are just like bacon, you make everything better!
  32. We go together like biscuits and gravy
  33. I plan on bugging you for a long, long time
  34. You are my favorite distraction
  35. Let’s grow old and wrinkly together
  36. Love is being silly together
  37. Life would be boring without you
  38. You’ve stolen a pizza my heart
  39. Attend a comedy show together 
  40. Shout them out on the radio 
  41. Perform a funny dance in front of them 
  42. Play Truth or Dare
  43. Make a fool of yourself 
  44. Buy them a fish and name it together
  45. Share an inside joke 
  46. Send them a joke for every day of the month
  47. Make a silly face at them 
  48. Play a game of rock paper scissors with them 
  49. Make them laugh 
  50. Tickle them 
  51. I’m crazy about you 
  52. You’re my dream come true 
  53. You take my breath away 
  54. Since you’ve been around I smile a lot more than I used to
  55. There is no one I’d rather steal blankets from 
  56. You’re my partner in crime
  57. You look great today and every day
  58. I’m jealous of people who get to see you every day
  59. I just called to hear your voice
  60. Sometimes I look at you and wonder how I got so lucky
  61. Your voice is my favorite sound
  62. Whatever we do today, I’m glad to do it with you
  63. I’ve always got your back
  64. You make me feel warm and fuzzy inside
  65. Make the kids’ lunches 
  66. Give the dog a bath 
  67. Serve them breakfast in bed 
  68. Hold their hand
  69. Gift a framed photo of the two of you 
  70. Surprise them with a fun activity to try 
  71. Throw them a surprise party 
  72. Film a video of yourself telling them how much they mean to you
  73. Fill a jar of 100 reasons why you love them
  74. Help them move
  75. Give them an affirmation card 
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