Rest in Peace – different ways to say rest in peace

different ways to say rest in peace

  1. Rest in God!
  2. Rest in Christ’s love.
  3. Rest in the Light.
  4. God’s blessings and peace.
  5. The resurrection of life eternal in Christ.
  6. Peace in your eternal and easy rest.
  7. May you rest easy in grace and love.
  8. Rest easy in sleep eternal.
  9. Rest easy on the wings of eternity.
  10. Eternal easy rest in sweet slumber.
  11. Peace in heaven.
  12. Rest with angels.
  13. May the heavenly host guide you in peace.
  14. Rest in heaven’s glory.
  15. Rest in heaven’s bosom
  16. Rest in the beauty of Paradise.
  17. Rest in Paradise with eternal love.
  18. Rest in Paradise on the wings of angels.
  19. Rest in the joyfulness of Paradise.
  20. Rest in Paradise and be with God.

rest easy

peace, rest

requiescat in pacem

latin, wish

sleep in peace

wish, death

rest peacefully

rest her soul

rests in peace

sleep the big sleep

death, grave

go the way of all flesh

death, demise


give up his soul in peace

death, grave

resting in peace

death, state

sleep tight

wish, death

go to the last home

death, grave

get quietus

death, grave

go to a better world

death, doom

go to the resting place

death, grave

god rest him

god rest his soul

may they rest in peace

pass in one’s checks

death, doom

go to the next world

death, doom

in peace

they rest in peace

bless his soul

go to resting place

peace, rest

can rest in peace

sleeps in peace


ceasing to exist

death, state

peace be upon

peace out

peace, rest

put to rest

requiescat in pace

latin, peace

rest in piece

will rest in peace

be free from trouble

american, goodbye

breathe last

breathe last breath

breathe one’s last

cross the great divide

draw last breath

draw one’s last breath

go to last home

peace, rest

god rest their souls

grace of god

have mercy on his soul

he sleeps in peace


his soul

it is hard to hold my tears

goodbye, farewell

make your peace

may their soul find rest

goodbye, farewell

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